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Sweet Hot Peppers

Texas Red Hot Rooster Co. Sweet Hot Peppers Texas Red Hot Rooster Sweet Hot peppers is a creative blend of spices with jalapeno peppers and onions for a sensational "sweet hot" taste. Delicious as a dip for chips or crackers when served over cream cheese or an added zest to beans, peas or soup.

Surprise guests by adding RHR Peppers to your favorite cornbread recipe or cook over meat for a great taste sensation.

Our Sweet Hot Peppers come in Mild, Medium, and

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Sweet Hot Fruit
Texas Red Hot Rooster Co. Sweet Hot Fruit

Sweet Hot Pineapple
Aloha Texas style! Texas Red Hot Rooster's Sweet-Hot Pineapple is a deliciously mild blend of jalapeno peppers and pineapple. This award winning combination is excellent cooked over pork loin or chicken, makes a great snack served with crackers and cream cheese, and is a fantastic condiment for any meal.


Sweet Hot Blackberry
Introducing Sweet-Hot Blackberry. A mild pepper and blackberry combination that compliments roast chicken or turkey for any occassion (replaces cranberry sauce). Sweet-Hot Blackberry is an excellent condiment for baked fish such as salmon and makes a nice spread on toast for breakfast. Cooked on a beef pot roast it creates a mouth watering sensation and served as a dip over cream cheese it makes a tasty snack or appitizer.

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RHR Barbeque Sauce and Marinade

RHR Barbeque Sauce
This is a slightly sweet and smokey vinegar based barbeque sauce derived from a recipe handed down by decendents of the The Chisholm Trail. Try it on ribs, steaks, chicken, pork chops, shrimp, beef tips, just any meat for the grill, Serve as a dip for chicken or steak strips, or add to hambergers or hotdogs. Slow, oven cook your favorite meat smothered with RHR Barbeque Sauce for an easy but delicious meal.


RHR Barbeque Marinade
Marinade your meats with RHR Barbeque Marinade for that "down to the bone" barbeque taste. An excellent blend of spices and smoke that adds a great taste for meats cooked on the grill or in the oven, or used as a dipping sauce.

RHR Sweet Hot Marinades
RHR Marinades

RHR presents three new marinade tastes:

***Sweet-Hot Pepper Marinade***
Sweet-Hot Pepper Marinade is excellent on any type of meat prior to grilling or cooking in the oven. Cook with rice and add your favorite meat.

***Sweet-Hot Pineapple Marinade***
Sweet-Hot Pineapple Marinade is best cooked with pork, shrimp or chicken. It makes a delicious stir fry when cooked in the rice and used to saute the onions, bell peppers, snow peas, and shrimp and/or chicken.

***Sweet-Hot Blackberry Marinade***
Sweet-Hot Blackberry Marinade makes a great beef roast. Marinade the roast and then slow cook as a pot roast or in the oven with the remainder of the marinade. You won't believe the sensational spicy, fruity taste.

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Sugar Creek Dessert Toppers
Sugar Creek Desset Toppers
Sugar Creek Dessert Toppers are peach, blackberry, or blueberry toppings, each packed with pecans. They make great topping for plain pound cake and ice cream, pancakes, waffles, and biscuits. Use as a filling for fried pies, between layers of cake, and for pies. Try all three flavors.

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