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War Leaders: Clash of Nations v1.01 German Patch
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23:57 March 27th, 2008
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The patch improves the game performance and includes some bugfixes and gameplay tweaks
A patch for War Leaders: Clash of Nations has been released, updating to v1.01 the German version of this RTS developed by Enigma Software Productions and due to ship on March 28th. Set in the Second World War, War Leaders: Clash of Nations is designed with two clearly differentiated playing parts. The main goal for the player is to win the war with the help of allies, so a change in the course of WWII History can be accomplished by fighting enemy leaders. War Leaders: Clash of Nations will be published by The Games Company in German territories, by MicroApp in French territories, by Atari in Eastern Europe and Taiwan, Akella in Russian territories and Zoo Corporation in Japan. Publishers in remaining territories will soon be announced.

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